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4 Extra-Special Finishes That Make a Bag Pop

Got It Made BY leah bhabha 03/25/2016

Why do we love Danielle Wright’s plush leather bags so much? Let us count the ways. Not only are they super-functional but they’re also accented with thoughtful—and quirky—finishing touches that make it clear they were made with love (and with Danielle’s hands!). Below, how to do things Wright.




“I like things to actually look handmade, not mass-produced,” Danielle says, but raw edges on straps take away from that edge-to-edge color thing she’s going for. The fix: reaching for a paintbrush. Using lacquer paint is her small-business alternative to the large, expensive machinery that luxury fashion houses use to finish their straps, plus it “gives the bags a bit of polish and character,” explains Danielle.



When it comes to zippers, “I try my hardest to find accent colors that complement the leather I use without clashing,” explains Danielle. “And I like using brass, because like leather, it gets better with age. I finally found a great place to source colorful, brass zippers”—which, according to the designer, was not an easy thing. But so very worth the effort to have contrasting zippers on her bags and pouches.


Dwubag product 4
Black Leather U Bag
60 OF A KIND .




Sewn into every Danielle Wright bag is a “DW” tag—all made by DW herself using a branding iron that she designed and handmade. (Don’t you dare call it a stamp—it’s so much cooler than that.) It works almost like a wood burning tool—when heated, it permanently indents the natural leather. And that killer logo? “It was designed by a friend, who was inspired by the noodley-type handle shapes I use on my bags and in my jewelry.”




Forget metal hardware: “I hate a bag with too much bling! I think that leather is a beautiful material and should be able to stand on its own, so I came up with a way to connect the straps without using studs, rings or hooks,” she explains. “A simple knot appeals to me because it’s an unfussy detail that actually becomes a focal point of the bag.”

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