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Inside Job

The Found Objects That Make Annie Costello Brown's House a Home

Inside Job BY liz 03/17/2016


“Almost everything is from local garage sales—or even just off the street,” says Annie Costello Brown of cozy objects that fill her sun-drenched L.A. perch. “I like the idea of having things that are humble and don’t scream ‘design’ or feel precious.” If you’re picturing a space packed with found knickknacks, you should know that Annie’s the rare thrifter who happens to be a serious minimalist as well. “I don’t like clutter at all. It’s a sentiment that a lot of people have gotten on board with over the past few years, and I think it’s a precursor to people having less stuff—at least less junky, cheaply made stuff—in general,” she explains. Here’s how the so-talented jewelry designer sources things that make the cut in her bright, airy home.


“The wood shipping crate being used as a table is another street find, and this crusty painted planter was actually in our backyard. I think people forget they have so many other resources for furniture, aside from buying new cheap stuff that’s just not good for the planet. Plus, then you can save up and buy a few really nice investment pieces, made in America, to sort of tie everything together.”


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“I like clean, open spaces with pops of color. Even though I have a separate work space, the vibe of our whole home is more art studio than anything else—it’s not a fancy situation. I painted the frame of this blue mirror. The blue table was found on the street. The nice thing about having pieces that don’t feel so precious is that you can put them back out on the street for someone else when you’re ready for something new. There’s definitely a rotation of furniture in and out of my house.”

“I like openness and a lot of color. I have some Persian rugs—all from local garage sales—but we mixed them with some raw plywood shelving units we made, so the space feels really functional. I have a lot of Japanese baskets—this one is from Either Way LA. The sheepskin is from Laura Schoorl, who sells at the Echo Park Craft Fair. My lampshades are mostly from thrift stores—I painted this one black.”



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