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Four Otherworldy Ways Fort Makers Styles a Table

BY liz 03/22/2016

Collaboration is key to how design collective Fort Makers operates, so when creative director Nana Spears suggested pooling the foursome’s ample talents to create elaborate still lifes showing off our cutting board edition—which was handcut and sanded by Noah James Spencer!— we said, “Ooh, YAS.” Our next request: Can we have these framed?!


“Fort Makers is really inspired by the Bauhaus, which is all about making things that are designed but very functional—we make pieces like cutting boards and vases because we want people to be able to interact with them everyday. This image ties together all the elements of Fort Makers. The backdrop and tablecloth are large-scale paintings by Naomi, and the vases are made by another collaborator of ours, Keith Simpson.”


Fortmakershex product 2
Cherry Hexagon Cutting Board
50 OF A KIND .



“I’ve been collecting these purple crystals in my home for a while—you never know what we’re going to end up using for a project. I thought it would be fun to bring them into the table setting, and their color can be reflected in the beets, purple potatoes, and blue corn chips here.”


“I’ve been really inspired by Dutch still lifes lately—there was such a focus on food. It’s funny, I almost feel like we’re coming full circle to that with food styling these days—back then, if you were going to take the time to paint food and hang it on your wall, it really had to look nice, right? That was the focus of this concept—I think the fresh fish and vegetables feels really modern.”


“David Bowie was the inspiration behind this—I discovered the purple sand, and it made me think of an otherworldly, lunar landscape. The colored cups are a call-out to Ziggy Stardust’s facepaint.”



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