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Listen Up: Headaches...and Headache-Free Entertaining

Listen Up BY lindsay o'rourke 03/18/2016


On the most recent ep of A Few Things with Claire and Erica, we’re talking stress-relief when it comes to 1) migraines and 2) entertaining, both things that will level you if you let them.


P.S. In the mood for a good cry? Start reading The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing, our next #ReadingThings pick, and tune into our March 30th episode!




On tips and tricks for coping with migraines...


  • Our favorite acupuncturist in NYC—helps if you go regularly!

  • The best apps: f.lux to automatically adjust your computer screen brightness and Migraine Buddy for tracking.

  • Painkillers that work for us (important note: We’re so not doctors): Imitrex or Tylenol Extra Strength; combos like two acetaminophen plus one ibuprofen, or caffeine, codeine, and paracetamol, as the French do.

  • For long-term prevention: Migrelief.

  • Natural fixes: cayenne in water, ginger tea, peppermint oil on the temples, and the others listed here.


In the kitchen with special and amazing guest Gaby Dalkin, creator of What’s Gaby Cooking and the home cook we aspire to be!


  • Adam Pearson, Gaby’s food stylist guru and surprise featured friend!

  • Cheese plate: Ask the cheesemonger at your local Whole Foods for help (tip: parmesan is totally underrated) and add honey, fig preserves, dates, cranberries, and mostarda.

  • Salmon family-style is the only party protein you’ll ever cook again—make this using a piece of a salmon big enough for a crowd, i.e. ¼ pound per person.

  • Trader Joe’s go-tos: anything in the crackers section, Mediterranean Hummus, and Salsa Especial Medium (the best store-bought salsa).

  • Essential tools: food processor, Vitamix blender, and a chef knife.

  • Cookbook obsession: Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings, specifically her recipes for linguine with clams and cheesy guacamole—whoa.

  • Follow Gaby on Snapchat @WhatsGabyCookin and devour her Friday snapisodes.


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