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Got It Made

The Stories Behind Two of Tay Ham’s Most Outrageous Cards and A Few She Wishes She Could Make

Got It Made BY liz 04/13/2016

When Taylor Hamilton dips into the well of pop-culture references for her lolz-y card line, she’s looking for something specific. “I try to only do things that I have nostalgia for,” she explains (example: a card dedicated to Mulder and Scully). “It opens up more windows to fun puns and phrases,” she says. “I try to stay away from anything that’s already a meme or that I don’t have a personal love for.” Here, a few cards she maybe wouldn’t have made if she knew what would happen—and a few that got away.




“A lot of my cards started as collages made from magazines, things I thought were funny. When I started making my own cards, Snoop Dogg was the first celebrity I drew, but the Riff Raff one made me laugh so much. He actually came here once to perform, and I knew I had to try to give him a card. The concert was the worst show in the world, and when I went backstage, he was literally talking to a wall. He seemed so out of his mind on drugs. So I gave him the card, and he didn’t really react. But as I was walking away, he grabbed my butt. The whole thing was just totally insane.”


“This one got me kicked out of a local print shop! Our town isn’t necessarily very conservative, but it is still the South. It was in my first run of cards, and after I finalized the order, they sent a note back that they didn’t want to do business with me. I could not figure out why—all the cards in that batch were super tame—and then I spotted this one in there. It made me laugh because there are so many more cards I could have offended them with. But even my cards that might not be for everyone are never negative. They are all pretty happy cards. They’re always encouraging.”





“Creatively, I respect his uniqueness, but he’s just on another level of celebrity. It's hard to capture his essence without taking a route that's already been very done (and which is frankly also not a nice route to go down). He'll always be in our thoughts but never on one of our cards. I don’t think his head would fit anyways.”




“I love Star Wars and everything otherworldly. Unfortunately, alternate universes like that are usually locked-up tight with licensing powerhouses. I am obsessed with all the fuzzy creatures like Ewoks and Chewy. Even though he's not fuzzy, I think Jabba the Hutt is ridiculous, and I love him, too. I'd probably pick Jabba for a card and say something about ‘Keeping it Gangster’ because he really did.”


“If I ever could do a Taylor Swift card, it would have to be a ‘Bad Blood’ card that says ‘Out for Blood.’ That song is so catchy—it just will not leave your head. Inevitably one of the guys at work will play it just to torture me because they know it will last for days.”




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