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The Insider: Kate Dries

The Insider BY mattie kahn 04/14/2016


Women (and men!) of the world, we owe Kate Dries—for real. She’s the managing editor of Jezebel, and thanks to her, essential Bachelor recaps are posted in a timely fashion...and the patriarchy is just a little bit closer to being dismantled. You want to know this good (nay, great) samaritan.


Q: Who writes so well that we should read everything by them?


A: If what you’re going for is humor and smarts, probably everyone at Gawker Media would say Jia Tolentino, Jezebel’s deputy editor. She’s just so funny and insightful and always looks at stuff from a new angle. She has this incredible knack for not taking things personally. She’s always able to separate herself from topics that get other people get so riled up that they can’t be critical or articulate.


Q: Your questionable taste in candy bars has been well-documented, so I’m curious: What’s your all-time favorite?


A: I cycle through a few. Obviously, I’m really into candy corn. I love that. And for a period, I was pretty committed to York Peppermint Patties. I had a Twix phase. But Almond Joys might be my favorite, which is pretty lame.


Q: Besides the one you edit, which sites are your morning go-tos?


A: For my job, I have to read everything that’s out there, so at a certain point, I’m like what don’t I read? But I’ve always been a huge New York magazine fan. Their websites were the first ones that I really paid attention to, and everything they publish, I read. And then other Gawker properties, of course. The ones I read the most are probably Gawker and Deadspin. When someone sends me a story I haven’t seen, I get excited. That’s fun.


Q: How do you treat yo’self?


A: I think the ritziest indulgence is ordering-in takeout. Obviously, some people do this on a daily basis in New York, so maybe it’s not very interesting. But my argument is, first, it’s food that you didn’t have to make and, second, that you didn’t even have to go anywhere to eat. How can I get fancier than that? It’s insane to me. I do it a few times a year, and when I do, I feel like I’m really going out on this $12 pad thai.


Q: What lessons have you learned from the Kardashians?


A: They’re so good at their brand—they never, ever seem to deviate. I don’t really get the vitriol towards them. They’re out there living their best lives, and I think that’s great. They won the American Dream. I haven’t done that.


Q: What books are on your reading list?


A: I just got a copy of Curtis Sittenfeld’s Eligible, which is her interpretation of Pride and Prejudice, and it’s like candy. It’s a story that you know and love, from an author that never disappoints when it comes to writing a page-turner. I’m whipping my way through that.


Q: What’s the last thing that made you LOL?


A: This is such a cheat of an answer, but probably something in our Slack chat today because my co-workers make me laugh all the time. This is pretty representative.



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