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10 Lady-Led Podcasts We Love Listening To—and Talking About

BY liz 05/06/2016

Dope kweens (and bffs) Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, via WNYC


What are you listening to now that our podcast A Few Things with Claire and Erica is on hiatus and you’re all caught up on staples like Fresh Air and Call Your Girlfriend? ‘Cause, girl, we have some ideas for filling your earbuds.


1. OMFG!

Listening to this podcast will make you feel old—which is kinda the point. Every week grown-ass comedians Deanna Cheng and Emily Foster ask a youngin’ (a.k.a. teens to twenty-somethings) to lead them, and you, through the morass of modern culture—from Snapchat tips and meme guides to discussions of thigh gaps.

Episode That Will Hook You: Ship Names with My Bae



You probably already know the hilariously deadpan Jessica Williams from her role on The Daily Show—but if don’t know her bestie, comedian and Broad City consultant Phoebe Robinson, you are seriously missing out. The show’s like a showcase of up-and-coming comics who’ll make you snort-laugh, interspersed with our hosts breaking down topics like how to deal with racist cab drivers and the best way to sneak wine into a Billy Joel concert.

Episode That Will Hook You: Billy Joel Has the Softest Hands



Lena Dunham’s wide-ranging podcast has a charming cadence—bopping from classic Lena moves like a gleeful recitation of the body-shaming tweets she receives on the daily to interviews with heavy-hitters like Zadie Smith, Janet Mock, and Aidy Bryant.

Episode That Will Hook You: Work



Two beauty editors, Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, get into injectables and innovations in brush-cleaning with guests like derm to the stars Dr. Patricia Wexler and polish mogul Deborah Lippmann.

Episode That Will Hook You: That Bitch Face



Hosted by the delightful Jolie Kerr, a.k.a. the brains behind the fearless cleaning column of the same name, a.k.a. the internet’s mom, this intensely practical advice show provides judgement-free answers to dilemmas like how to deal with funky-smelling hockey gear and the best way to clean your sex toys. 

Episode That Will Hook You: Lube and Laundry



If Anna Sale’s show on the three things you’re never supposed to talk about isn’t already on your listen list, you’re missing out. She’s not afraid to ask sensitive Qs, whether she’s talking to non-celebs (like a twenty-something coroner or an anonymous sex worker) or getting big names like Brooke Shields and Ellen Burstyn to open up. 

Episode That Will Hook You: Brooklyn Left Me Broke and Tired



In the isolating period after having her first child, This American Life alum Hillary Frank started a scrappy podcast to ask parents and experts all the questions bouncing around in her head during loooooong newborn nights—things like, “do you ever regret having kids?” (!) and “how and when should you talk to children about sex?” The result is so totally intriguing, funny, and tear-jerking—you’ll be obsessed with it whether or not you have kids of your own.

Episode That Will Hook You: The Accidental Gay Parents



Buzzfeed contributors Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton balance a solid dose of BFF giggles (do not miss Tracy’s hilariously bad joke segment) with discussions on race and modern politics with a seriously VIP slew of guests—we’re talking Lin-Manuel Miranda, Chirlane McCray, and Roxane Gay.

Episode That Will Hook You: Living in America



Personal finance guru Farnoosh Torabi climbed her way out of loan debt...while living in NYC...and making an entry-level salary. Now a CNBC host and author, she focuses on practical, accessible financial advice—answering questions that might sound, uh, unfortunately familiar—like “what do I do if I lost my W2?” or “I wasted a chunk of money and keep having nightmares about it—how do I move on?”

Episode That Will Hook You: 325: Ask Farnoosh



If you’ve read this far, you’re obviously committing to that podcast lifestyle. If (and face it, when) you run out of shows to listen to, tune in here, where host Brittany Luse puts in endless hours digging up the best podcast snippets out there. Each ep has the feel of a mixtape—but with the host managing to tie everything together someway, somehow.

Episode That Will Hook You: Denzelishness


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