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Marriage Material

All the Tips From Molly Guy, Queen of the Cool-Girl Wedding

Marriage Material BY liz 05/11/2016

Image via Style Hawk


Even if you haven’t heard of Molly Guy, you’ve very likely been to a wedding that took cues from her NYC shop, Stone Fox Bride (slinky slip dresses and crochet veils, anyone?). Three years after launching her tongue-in-cheek brand—which includes merch stamped with “F*ck Weddings”—she’s become a beacon for couples who want to do the walking-down-the-aisle thing, in a chilled out, you-do-you way. Molly shared some of her best hard-won observations, which she’s in the process of cataloguing for her upcoming book about love, style, sex, and marriage (ya know, just the little things).



Q: What’s the single most important advice you give brides?


A: "Figure out from the start what you want the vibe of the wedding to be because it will always dictate every choice you have to make. The best decision to come to right off the bat is to stay true to your personal style. Even though it can be really tempting to appeal to your mother-in-law or your parents or anyone who is helping to pay for the wedding, it’s not worth it if you don’t enjoy the end result."


Q: Ok, so where should couples be investing their money?


A: "It doesn’t matter what kind of wedding you’re having: Nothing will ruin your guests’ time more than if they’re cold, wet, or hungry. Above all, you want to make sure that they’re warm, and you want to make sure they’re fed. I’m a big fan of a backup plan (I’m also a Jewish mother), so I think it’s important to have a good tent [Ed. note: in the NYC area, these guys have pretty much everything]—or whatever your rain plan is—in place. Beautiful things can be done on a budget—I’ve seen people do wedding flowers for $100—but you can’t skimp on those two things. There’s always a question of where you want to invest the most money, but food and shelter come first."



Q: What vendors and spaces are you loving right now?


A: "For food, I love working with my friend Deena Chanowitz, Chef Deena. She’s just a beautiful cook. Her presentation is great, and her food is all seasonal and locally sourced, which is what you want to give your guests. Her presentation is great, and her food is all seasonal and locally sourced, which is what you want to give your guests. For flowers, I’ve been working a lot with a florist named Allison Manne. She's really new, and she works only with sustainable, seasonal flowers—nothing that’s been grown commercially. Her arrangements are really luscious and wild. They’re very high-fashion in a way. Spacewise, I really like the Paramour Mansion in L.A. In New York, I got married at The Metropolitan Building, which has that open, industrial vibe, and I’ve also been to some great weddings at Aurora in Williamsburg. They have an awesome outdoor space."

Image via @stonefoxbride


Q: Is there anything that’s having a moment that you’re legit into?


A: "I’ve been seeing a lot of pink diamonds lately that are pretty spectacular. And I’ve been into very streamlined dresses lately. I liked everything Solange did—I loved her cape, and I love that she came in on a bike. But on the other hand, I like that people aren’t always going with white. It’s okay to do something unexpected—my friend Molly Fishkin got married and surprised us all by wearing this romantic lace dress, made for her by The Row."


Q: Are there any common wedding misconceptions you wish would go away already?


A: "A good thing to keep in mind is that planning a wedding and going wedding dress shopping doesn’t necessarily look or feel like a rom-com with Ann Hathaway. It can be really stressful. Choose wisely who you’re going to have on your decision-making list. Sometimes I see brides come in with friends who are really bitter about marriage at that moment—maybe they recently went through a breakup or a divorce. That doesn’t mean they’re not a great friend, but you want a lot of positive energy around when you’re making these choices."


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