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Hone Your Craft

Make Your Own Awesome-Smelling, Stretch-Mark-Busting Body Butter

Hone Your Craft BY liz 05/12/2016


Motherhood has played a key role in Jennifer Pak’s evolution from creative dabbler to HBIC of her own subtle, glisteny jewelry label. “I got the idea for my line around my wedding and launched while I was pregnant with my first child,” explains Jennifer. Another great thing that came outta those nine months? A super simple, crazy moisturizing belly butter, which she packages up in sweet little jars to gift to expecting friends. You don’t have to be knocked-up to slather it on, though. “My mom came over and stole most of it and keeps asking me to make more for her!” says the lifelong Angeleno. Here, the recipe so you can pull this smooth move, too.


DIY Belly Butter


1 cup coconut oil

⅓ cup aloe vera butter

⅓ cup mango butter

¼ cup cocoa butter




Place a small saucepan on the lowest heat possible. Add the coconut oil and then add each of the following ingredients one at a time, stirring until completely liquid. It will take a few minutes for everything to melt together smoothly, but don’t be tempted to raise the heat. Stir until just combined and remove from heat. Pour the liquid into a resealable jar and store it in the fridge—it will last longer (up to three weeks) and be easier to scoop that way.


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