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Get Outta Town

4 Morocco Must-Hits for First-Time Visitors

Get Outta Town BY liz 06/17/2016


Here’s a real recipe for wanderlust: taking in any of Artemis Design Co’s gorgeously textural and colorful bags and shoes—all made from Kilim carpets. Founder Milicent Armstrong has a very high adventure threshold and took us to a few Moroccan locales she was lucky enough to visit on a recent sourcing trip. Prepare to be very, very jealous.




“It’s hard to beat the hustle, bustle, and colorful beauty of Marrakech. All of the buildings are painted a gorgeous dusty pink, and shop keepers are milling around with beautiful carpets, fresh berries, and fruit, not to mention all sorts of incredible antiques you won’t find anywhere else.”

One Thing You Have to Do: “My favorite thing to do in Marrakech is to spend an afternoon in the Jardin Majorelles. The gardens were designed by the French painter Jacques Majorelle and then taken over by Yves Saint Laurent as his vacation home. The home and gardens are now a museum. and it’s easy to spend hours there admiring the colors, plants, and design.”


Artemisbrown product 3
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“Rent a car and headed west to beaches, which you have to cross the Atlas Mountains to reach. Traveling through the mountains was breathtaking.”

One Thing You Have to Do: “We were most surprised to find that the best spots to eat were at the gas stations spotted along the highway. The interiors of the gas stations seem like they are from another century. The moldings, tile work, and architectural details are incredibly intricate and gorgeous. The food and coffee was some of the best and least expensive we had on the entire trip. We stopped at one gas station, called Afriquia, on our way back to Marrakech and had the most delicious breakfast of tagine omelette, freshly baked bread, and café au lait—for less than $2!”




“Mirleft is a sleepy little Moroccan beach town with the most magnificent beaches I have ever seen. Words can’t really describe how vast and beautiful they are.”

One Thing You Have to Do: “One of my favorites was Plage Sauvage. It’s rare to see another person on the beach, except for maybe a fisherman or a surfer. The crashing surf, mixed with the hauntingly beautiful sounds of the calls to prayer, make the place feel very spiritual and otherworldly.”





“A little further south on the coast from Mirleft, this little Spanish colonial town is spotted with beautiful blue and white painted art deco buildings. The food is particularly delicious—fresh pastries and juice for breakfast, grilled fish marinated in turmeric and lemon for lunch, and delicious local tagine for dinner.

One Thing You Have to Do: “The bustling market in the center of town, (which I don’t think has an official name, but it’s hard to miss), is covered In beautiful, colored parasols—it’s a great place to buy djellabas and fabric from local weavers.”

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