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Listen Up: Listener, I Googled It and the HBIC Behind Cherry Bombe

Listen Up 08/08/2016


First up this week, we’re baring our scrolls and telling you the most recent things in our search histories (#noshame) in the first installment of something we’re calling “Listener, I Googled It.” Then! Cherry Bombe co-founder Kerry Diamond weighs in on which is harder: opening a restaurant or launching a media company (‘cause she does both, NBD).


P.S. In #ReadingThings news, there’s just one week left to read Foreign Affairs before we discuss it on Monday, 8/15!



The linkage…


On our recent Google escapades...



Our special and amazing guest, Kerry Diamond, editor of Cherry Bombe magazine, on building businesses and celebrating women in the food industry...



To advertise on our podcast, email Our intro music, “Butterfield East,” is written and performed by The Soulful Saints, we have Julia Alsop to thank for our sound-engineering. Hungry for more business advice? Here’s a whole lotta lessons our designers learned the hard way, so you don’t have to!




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