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5 Dancing Influences That Shape One Elegant Knitwear Line


Wendy Wurtzburger has always gotten creative ideas from the world of pointe shoes and pliés—attribute that to her days spent as a kid watching her Auntie Mame-esque great-aunt paint ballerinas in ephemeral tutus. Here are a few of the images she keeps twirling around in her mind these days as she creates Until Soon’s airy, super-chic, and warm-up-ready cardigans and scarves.


“My great-aunt Marjorie was a pretty important regional painter and a total role model of mine. She traveled to exotic places and collected unusual things. She was very worldly for Memphis. She was an Abstract Expressionist, but she loved to paint dancers because she loved to paint movement. Her dancers weren’t as literal as Degas’s, though. Look how ghostly this ballerina she painted is. She leaves you wondering. You want to see more.”

Image by David Douglas


“This image is so unexpected. Here’s Picasso doing something outside what’s natural for him, what he studied. But we know it’s Picasso, so this picture to me looks like art as a whole—what happens when you take one art form and apply it to another. And I’m interested in what it looks like when people invite a bit of dance into their lives.”


Untilsoonkimono product 25
Alpaca And Wool Wrap Cardigan
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Image by Richard Avedon


“What I like about this particular Richard Avedon picture is that she’s wearing a dress you might wear to work and flats rather than ballet shoes, but she’s dancing in her work outfit. She’s so much more graceful than you would expect.”

Image by Omar Z. Robles


“I think it’s amazing to see Omar Z. Robles pictures of dancers in street clothes. I love seeing dancers in their real world, wearing the clothes they’ve picked out. Fashion is about how we wear our clothes and what we do in them. When I designed my Of a Kind wrap, I was imagining a dancer, but not onstage—how a dancer moves around, what a dancer needs. The wrap feels like air, but it keeps you warm.”

Image by Joe Desimone


“I always imagined my Of a Kind wrap on my niece, Lia. She’s a dancer, and it’s such a powerful mode of self-expression for her. She’s got great personal style, too. She’s always been a muse for me—her dancing and her clothes. She mixes ballet with modern dance—and an unconventional form of modern dance, too. And when she gets dressed, she’ll combine vintage, found pieces, and designer. She can layer anything.”



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