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Listen Up: What to Read (and How to Read It)—with The New Better Off author Courtney Martin

Listen Up BY aissatou diallo 10/17/2016


We’re hittin’ the books this week. After nerding out with tips for maximizing your Kindle time, we go deep with Courtney Martin, author of the most thought-provoking thing we’ve read in a good long while, The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream.


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On our book-consumption advice…


Our special and amazing (and prolific!) guest, Courtney Martin—who’s a TED speaker, On Being columnist, and co-founder of Solutions Journalism Network— takes a break to spills the deets on her new holy-shit-this-speaks-to-me book, The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream.

  • 12:16: Yet another hat: Courtney is a part of the team at the Fresh Speakers Bureau, which brings in cool speakers you want to listen to like Ann Friedman.

  • 22:00: Have you ever heard of cohousing? No, it’s not just having roommates.

  • 40:27: Wondering what to dive into when you finish Courtney’s book? Pick up her early inspo, Composing a Life by Mary Catherine Bateson.


To advertise on our podcast, email Our intro music, “Butterfield East,” is written and performed by The Soulful Saints. Wanna hear about another non-fiction gem? Listen to author Jen Wright on history’s best breakups.



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