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Listen Up: What it Costs to Make Home Goods and a New Installment of Claire and Erica’s Personal-Care Faves

Listen Up BY courtney conway 11/28/2016
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One of the struggles of being a designer: getting the pricing of your goods right. So on this episode, we’re launching a little miniseries, in which a few of our makers stop by to talk about all the costs of producing their work. First up: housewares with the brilliant Annabel Inganni of Wolfum. And since since dry hair/skin/cuticles season is upon us, Claire and Erica also spill on the newest additions to their beauty routines—because we know you’ve all been waiting for the sequel to Round 1. But first things first: a new #ReadingThings podcast is coming at ya on January 16th, where we’ll be talking If You’re Not Yet Like Me with author and all-around badass Edan Lepucki. It’s a dark romantic comedy, and FWIW, it clocks in at just 55 pages.



The linkage…

Our special and guest, Wolfum designer Annabel Inganni on how she thinks about making—and pricing—the snazzy homegoods that make up her line…

  • Mark your calendars: This Thursday, December 2nd, you can snag our limited-edition Wolfum backgammon set!  
  • A couple of Wolfum’s go-to tools: a CNC and a 3D Milling Machine.
  • Learn more about FSC-certified wood, which is the only kind Annabel uses.



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