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Family Matters

How One Designer Pays Tribute to Her Trio of Badass Sisters

Family Matters BY jane gauger 11/29/2016

The magical Mapes sisters—from left, Becca, Anna, Gwynne, and Meghan.


Let’s hear it for cool sister acts—think the Brontës, the Mitfords, and the Olsens. And you better add Becca Mapes and her three hip-as-they-come siblings to the list. The crew has been influencing her style since back in the day—“In high school, you never wanted to repeat your outfits, so there was a lot of closet-sharing going on!” says Becca. Now they’ve each got a namesake piece in her jewelry line Winden—so why don’t we get to know the very accomplished muses and the designs created for them, huh?



“Gwynne is my big sister, so I’ve always looked up to her. She’s in Switzerland right now, getting her PhD at the University of Bern. Her dissertation is on the language of food, so I do get to see her because she does research in New York a lot. I’ve always viewed her as the cool girl, and that’s how I see the Gwynne earrings. They’re minimal—what I think the cool girls would want to wear.”



“I’m the second oldest, and Anna is the sister right below me. Growing up, Anna’s nickname was Princeton because she was always such a good student. She ended up going to Harvard, and now she’s working toward her masters so she can be a guidance counselor. I named the Anna chain after her because her style is more classic. The ball chain is something that’s timeless and represents Anna’s clean, classic look.”



“Meghan is my baby sister. She and Anna both go to school in Tennessee where Meghan is studying to be a nurse at Trivecca Nazarene College in Nashville. I know she looks up to me and my sisters, but she’s definitely not the type who needs to copy everything her older sisters do. I was always in awe of her bravery in regard to fashion. She had cotton candy colored hair and a pixie cut as a teenager and wore fabulous vintage dresses to school formals. She loves really big hoop earrings, so I designed ones that play off her love of those. The funny thing about all this is that my sisters have ended up preferring jewelry I named for a different one of them!”


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