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6 Haunting Podcasts You Absolutely Need to Listen To

BY lily meyer 11/30/2016


Chances are, you could use some distractions right about now—enter Isabel Halley, diversion genius. She listens to podcasts all day while pinchin’ porcelain in her ceramics studio, and her number-one tip for taking your mind off whatever it’s stuck on is to listen to true-crime shows. They might not be uplifting (erm, at all), but nothing sucks you in quite like ripped-from-the-headlines tales of mob bosses and murderers, right?



“The best true-crime podcast ever! It is terrifying and so fully fleshed-out. The anonymous host (so creepy!) talks about the killers’ and victims’ childhoods, and the stories are always hauntingly real.”


My Favorite Murder

“This one really grew on me. The hosts, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, are comedians who are obsessed with true-crime, and they remind me of myself.”



“The tagline: ‘Stories of people who've done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.’ It’s great, but short, so queue up a bunch at a time.”



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Someone Knows Something

“Set in Canada—the accents are so good!—this is a Serial-style investigation, and the season 2 story, in which a woman disappears two days after her boyfriend proposes to her on live TV, is the best.”


In the Dark

“The story of a child abduction case, this show is fabulous and is also a great example of the hosts knowing exactly when to wrap up the story.”


And a bonus recommendation from your Of a Kind pals: Crimetown from Gimlet Media. The first season is a deep-dive into the mobbed-up world of seventies Providence, once the third-biggest Mafia city in the United States. You WILL want to listen.



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