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Hone Your Craft

12 Things You Can Learn to Do in a Day

Hone Your Craft BY liz 12/28/2016


Skill-building: It’s not just for your resumé. And we know you’re, like, sooo busy and everything, but if there’s one thing we learned from our brilliant, multi-tasking friends and designers in 2016, it’s that there’s plenty of delightfully distracting, useful stuff you can learn how to do in way less time than it takes to binge-watch Westworld. To prove it, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite modes of keeping your hands (and minds) busy whenever you need a break from friend drama or the news cycle get the idea.


Hunting vintage like it’s your job. // READ


Turning blank canvases into cute pillowcases (or curtains or tablecloths or whatever!). // READ


Propagating succulents—because MORE SUCCULENTS. // READ


Perfecting your own free-form nail art. // READ


Sending your party guests home with more than just a hangover. // READ


Growing your own avocado plant. // READ


Drawing daily, even if you never show the sketches to anyone. // READ


Making shoes from your kitchen table. // READ


Taking moisturizing into your own hands. // READ


Brushing up on those watercoloring skills. // READ


Mixing up your own essential oils. // READ


Upping your eBay game—in the name of textile upcycling. // READ



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