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The Seventies Inspo Behind Alynne Lavigne’s Jewelry

Stuff We Love BY genevieve ang 02/09/2017

Yah, Stranger Things has us all feeling super nostalgic for the eighties, but Alynne Lavigne and Eve Tobolka, the BFF pair behind the metal-centric jewelry line Alynne Lavigne, are here to make an even stronger case for the seventies. To get in the mood to design their way-groovy new collection, they put Donna Summers on blast in their Toronto studio and got down with what follows—’cause if you ask them, the decade is stayin’ alive in a major way.



Piling on pearls and chains is the name of the game.


“It’s all about the accessories for me! The seventies will always be about massive earrings or layering chains or big cocktail rings with some sort of crazy shiny, sparkly brown stone in them. I mean, tight, high-waisted jeans can be found in pretty much any era, but that feathered hair and tons of chains are so distinct.” —Eve



Hans Nagel’s works are cool with curves.


“We’re so obsessed with the textures and shapes of Scandinavian design in this era. They’re more modern, more industrial—lots of public sculpture, like pieces by Hans Nagel, play with industrial shapes using wavy lines and mass.” —Alynne

Sven Lukin’s wall swirls.


“Yeah, what’s fun about the art from the period, like Sven Lukin’s pieces, is that they mixed geometric shapes in this really cool way that we can translate into our jewelry—especially with earrings. Like a hard circle or a hard square with something flowy going through it.” —Eve


Alynnelavigne convertiblenecklace 1
Flat Chain Necklace
35 OF A KIND . $ 149




“Donna Summer just kills it in ‘I Feel Love!’ And I fell into a deep Beegees phase when I was 13— I wasn’t allowed to watch Saturday Night Fever, so I would just listen to the soundtrack over and over again. To this day, it’s still such a massive influence on me. I’m all about the shiny and the tight and will always be obsessed with onesie pantsuits.” —Eve

“I second that! Plus, the Beegees wore so much gold and silver together. I’m really into a good two-toned necklace.” —Alynne



Tappio Werkkala vases, always a clear choice.


“Our husbands are both Finnish, and I find that my home décor is so inspired by modern Finnish design, which always seems to end up as a throwback to the seventies. A great example of that is Tapio Werkkala, who was active during the height of the midcentury.” —Eve

Iridescent Sirius Glassworks vessels shine on.


“My glassware collection is by an older Toronto artist, Peter Gudrunas, who has been making glassware for 45 years for his line Sirius Glassworks. He developed his own technique where he mixes in his own dye. He’s the only guy who does it in Canada, and his stuff is so beautiful—but expensive!” —Alynne



Little red white Corvette!


“I was at the Salvation Army a few weeks ago and found all these books about Corvettes over the years, and I’m somewhat obsessing over them. I think if I had a lot of money, I would be one of those people who drive around in a white Corvette. There’s something about a car with hips.” —Eve


5 alynnelavigne adjustablechainlariat
Rope Chain Lariat
40 OF A KIND . $ 149



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