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Listen Up: How We Consume the News and What Goes Into Making Outstanding Innerwear

Listen Up BY courtney conway 02/13/2017


Ugggh, the news RN. How, when, and where are you consuming it? That’s an ongoing conversation Claire and Erica have been having, so they’re talking out how they’re attempting to stay informed...and also sane here. Then Iva Pawling schools us on innerwear (see: her snuggly line Richer Poorer) and fitnessing socks (her second label, Pointe Studio), solving problems we never knew how to articulate.


P.S. The #ReadingThings clock’s ticking: We’re talking about Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi on 2/27, so start making good use of your downtime now!



The linkage…


On this week’s Alex update…

  • If you want to copy his Valentine’s Day moves, make a res at Minetta Tavern.


On all the news that’s fit to read (and listen to)...


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Topanga Rug
60 OF A KIND .


Iva Pawling, one of the masterminds behind Richer Poorer and Pointe Studio, on what innerwear really means, why having slip-free socks is helpful to your health, and so much more...


To advertise on our podcast, email Our intro music, “Butterfield East,” is written and performed by The Soulful Saints. Curious about how growing a business looks like in the home goods world? The woman behind Wolfum has your answers here.


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