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Hone Your Craft

5 Tips for Healthy, Mirror-Shiny Hair

Hone Your Craft BY genevieve ang 03/13/2017


Kuen Rameson’s obsession with finding toxin-free hair products moved way beyond reading the ingredient lists on the back of bottles: She walked out on her executive banking career to found a business dedicated to her findings. A firm believer that fancy-feeling products and wellness shouldn’t be mutually exclusive—as she says, “I love luxury and shopping at Neiman Marcus, but I also love going to Whole Foods and buying things that are pure and better for my body”—Kuen developed Gloss Moderne, a phthalate- and sulfate-free line that’s definitely easy on the eyes. But her approach is about much more than what you uncap in the shower—so we asked her how she keeps her own hair looking practically reflective.



“I’m a huge proponent of getting the highest quality of whatever you eat—it makes a really big cumulative difference. I’m a big fan of healthy fats, like avocados and coconut oil. You can literally do everything with coconut oil—eat it by the spoonful, cook with it, you name it. It will show in your hair.”



“Not too many people are able to live ideal lives and have perfect meals all the time. You’re probably going to miss out on at least some nutrients, so I love supplements. To figure out what supplements to take, I drive to San Diego to visit David Getoff, who is a naturopath I’ve visited for years. I also run blood tests four times a year through Direct Labs. The most important thing with blood tests is to look at trends in your reports over the year so you can adjust appropriately.  A good supplement to look into, though, is iodine. Hair loss is associated with the thyroid gland, and the thyroid needs iodine to make hormones and work properly—so if you’re trying to be healthy and not using iodized table salt anymore, that might be something to look into.”



“A lot of people say that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday, but I totally disagree. You wash your body almost every day—why not your hair? The key is picking a really good, clean shampoo that’s gentle and doesn’t contain sulfates or parabens, which are really harsh on your hair and will damage it, even over the course of one wash.”



“The biggest tip I have for conditioner is to comb it into your hair in the shower to make sure every strand is coated. I used to just glob my conditioner on until my manufacturer told me this trick. Now I keep a comb in the shower and really take my time with it. I always start at the ends and work my way up. I only use one brand of comb, the Mason Pearson Detangling Comb, and I have three of them because I love them so much. It’s perfectly smooth, so it never snags your hair.”



“I’ve used the T3 Featherweight for forever, and I’ve never used it above the coolest heat setting. It takes longer, but you know you’re not burning your hair. I like to air-dry my hair until it’s just damp and then finish drying on the coolest heat setting—and then blast it with the cold setting right at the end, which makes my hair super shiny.”

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