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This Is Going to Make You Care About Numerology

Stuff We Love BY aleksa brown 05/19/2017

Agnes Baddoo’s interest in astrology and numerology—or, as she calls them, “the ologies”—took root long ago. “I’ve been interested in signs and planets since I was very little, which eventually led me to patterns and randomness and then sacred geometry and numerology,” she explains. What’s all that mean, exactly? In her day-to-day, Agnes uses numerology as a sort of weather report to keep perspective and find empowerment in all sorts of situations, including when she’s putting together a new collection of her cult-favorite, roomy leather totes and satchels. Below, her guide so you can use numbers as your guide, too.



“Numerology is a belief in mystical relationship between a number and any event. A
general example, in layman’s terms: In 2016, the year of the election, we were in a 9 year, because 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9. In numerology, nine is the end. And it can also signify rebirth. So when you get 9 in something, it’s the end of one thing, and it’s always the beginning of something else. In the mystic terms, death is not finite—it’s a circular kind of thing. There’s never one right or wrong interpretation.”



“You want to know your life path number because that’s like your zodiac sign. To do that, you add up each of the individual numbers of the month, day, and year of your birth separately. Then you add together any double digit numbers until you’re left with three single digits, and add all those together [Ed. note: See an example here]. The second number is just the day you were born. Then the third is the number of the year you’re in, added together—that anchors you in the current world. These are the basic things you’ll need to start doing readings for yourself.”



9 agnesbaddoo  sac
Two-Toned Sac 1
15 OF A KIND .



“Once you have those numbers, you can look up what they mean in all kinds of contexts. and Astrostyle are good basic places to start. There’s a lot of good general information there, but the most important thing is to compare across as many sources as you can. Find the overlap in what they say, and see how that applies to you. I’d also suggest finding your local bookstore or library with a good esoteric department. Peruse books by different authors, go to their sites, and see how they talk about it to find the expert that really speaks to you. You have to do your own research because each person responds differently to different kinds of language. But I love Bodhi Tree as an online source for books.”



“Numerology should be empowering. It’s a new way of processing your experience by recognizing patterns and seeing how many of those exist in your life that involve numbers. These little systems might seem on the fringe, but knowledge is power—so I think it’s all useful. And once you get into these kinds of things, you find that every geographic community has some kind of center for esoteric mystical studies, or at least a bookstore, where you can go and talk to people who know more about it. ”



“Learn to use what could be perceived as a negative as a positive. For example, if the numbers tell you this might be the time to go inward and organize instead of asking for something external, that doesn’t mean you’re out of favor. It just means you’re supposed to be doing something else. Most people kind of look at these kind of ‘ologies’ and they’re like, ‘Oh, Mercury is in retrograde, so I can’t do this, or I can’t do that.’ I look at it like, well, if it’s telling you there’s going to be an obstacle in your path, then get a shovel. Or if it’s telling you there’s going to be a shit storm, get an umbrella. It’s not like, ‘Oh, shit’s bad.’ No, shit fertilizes.”



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