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One, Two, Tea Ways to Brew a Better Pot

Eat This BY genevieve ang 06/16/2017


When Ronni Kappos is hard at work on her bead-happy, vintage-charged earrings and necklaces, there’s one thing that sustains her: endless vats of steamy tea. As you’d imagine, after a decade in business (and brewing), she’s elevated the habit to an art form. And while she loves a formal pot—ideally from Tokyo’s Bombay Bazar or London’s The Orangery—she offered to spout off about her at-home steeping tips, below.



“My favorite kettle for boiling water is the Breville Variable Temperature Kettle because you can set different temperatures depending on what you’re making. For pots and strainers, I hit up Muji. I have a glass teapot from them with a built-in strainer that I use all the time for when I need more than one cup in a single sitting. I tend to lean more personal with my choice of cups—the ones I use most are handmade by my artist friend Yoko Kanayama.”



“I prefer black tea with a pure, single note like cinnamon, black mandarin, or peach. My two favorite tea brands are Lupicia and American Tea Room. The flavors are strong, true to their descriptions, and not fussy. If I don't want to drink caffeine later in the day, I boil a quart of water with just 6 or 7 cinnamon sticks and then let it cool down. I usually refrigerate that and then enjoy it later—the brew that results is naturally sweet and tastes strongly of cinnamon.”



“I usually steep my tea for two minutes, which is longer than it seems! Beyond that, I’m not super specific about timing because by now I know when the color of my tea hits a deepness that I like. I’d recommend experimenting a bit with a new tea and making a note of how long it takes to get to just the right level. I always add honey and milk—it’s the Anglophile in me! But creating a little ritual around brewing is just a really nice way to start the morning.”


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