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Thing of Beauty

Haim’s Makeup Artist on How to Get Their So-Good Minimal Makeup Look

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 06/21/2017

via @haimtheband


What greater summer gift could there be than a new Haim album? The only thing that could top that would be pairing it with a primer on snagging their peachy, nineties-ish makeup look, care of their go-to face-painter Gloria Noto. She also happens to be the genius behind Noto Botanics and the dynamite lip ‘n cheek tint, woodsy nourishing oil, low-key highlighter, and foaming scrub we cannot stop kvelling over. Below, all you need to play like you’re the fourth, very fresh-faced sister.



“I always like to prime the face because I don’t want makeup to look like it’s clinging onto the skin. You want to create a nice, light barrier between your skin and the makeup. I always use my serum because it really sinks into the skin, clears up any dry spots and allows the foundation to gently glaze over, but anything that truly soaks in will work.”




“I’m never one to put foundation over an entire face. I like to use a concealer either from this brand called Sappho, which is all natural and really great, or Hourglass which is really good too. Both of those can be buffed out so they look really sheer, and they allow me to really target under the eyes, around the nose, and on any blemishes. But use it like you’re doing a Monet painting—just gently dab it on your face and remove the excess with a clean finger. Just let it sink into your skin naturally. Haim likes their skin matte, so for them, I do a dusting of translucent powder over the top. And that’s really it—very simple.”




“Danielle really loves like a camel, reddish-brown tone dusted over the lid (I use a really old one from MAC), but I do it a little heavier on the base of the eyelid and smudge it up. Then I bring the same color underneath the eyelid on the bottom lash line, just super buffed-out with a brush.  Next, I get a small precision brush and tap a darker red-brown on the lashline to give it a little bit of definition, and I top it off with some mascara (I like Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes). I do something really similar on Este, just a little bit darker. And then with Alana, I’ve been getting a little bit playful recently and doing a coppery red or orange on the eye. It's the same structure though: The main part of the eyeshadow is on the base of the lid and kind of brushed-out in an oval shape.



“Danielle doesn’t like any cheek color, so I do just a slight contour. Sometimes on Este I’ll do a tiny bit of peach on the cheeks to bring out a bit of rosy glow and then add a sweep of Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Bronzer for contour. But it’s all very natural. They all have amazing features, so I just like to really subtly bring out the best in them.”




“I’m sorry to tell you their lips on the album cover are literally just their natural color! All of them—but especially Alana—have the most insane, orange-y strawberry tone. And if it's a performance situation, they don’t want anything that can stick to their lips because they whip their hair around a lot. So it's really just sheer lip conditioner that's on their lips.”



“I love to use my highlighter to give a nice sheen to the lids and temples, and I even like to brush it through the brow to give a glossy eyebrow. Then I go over with a pencil Chanel brow pencil to fill in any patches, but I brush them out a lot. I never like to do a harsh line—I like the color to feel like it's a part of the skin.”


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