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Hone Your Craft

How to Start Painting, Like, Tomorrow

Hone Your Craft BY olivia martin 08/09/2017

Sure, Carly Ann Beck’s sense of color and her creative vision are stand-out—see: C.A.B., her popsicle-hued collection of bags. But the fact that when girl decided, on a whim, to pick up painting and achieved gallery-worthy results almost immediately is still surprising—or at least very impressive. Proof of both her talent and her dedication: Her works have their own Instagram account, and, a year in, she’s already selling prints. Here, her tips on dabbling in daubing yourself.




“I use acrylic and gouache paints because they have the best color saturation, and I always use canvas. I love mixing color, and that shows in the bags as well—it’s all about using bright, rich colors. My favorite paints are by Liquitex. Oddly, I mostly paint with a very tiny brush. I lay the base shade down with a big paint brush and then do everything else with a very small one so everything comes out very detailed.”




If you can’t stop thinking about an image or idea and you want to see it come to life in a different way, then painting is great. It’s a relatively inexpensive way of doing art, especially to just get started. But I understand that it might still seem kind of daunting to a lot of people—in that case, I would recommend going back to basics, getting a paint-by-numbers kit and seeing if you like it! If you do, then get some of those nice supplies.”


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“I started painting a year ago—I didn’t have any training or anything. I just felt the need to start, and so I did. In the beginning, I was basically just painting my cats! I  did a series of them dressed as lords and ladies. And I did this one of a cute vegan restaurant near me in Highland Park called Kitchen Mouse, which has the best mint green and pink color palette. I put it up on Instagram and tagged it just because I thought it was cute and the owner, Erica Daking, asked me to come meet her. She ended up having me do three paintings for her and artwork for her new menu. So you know know what will happen if you just try!”




“Each painting takes between a few days and a week, so I set aside a day and work in long, 12-hour stretches. It is my favorite thing to do because it is totally relaxing, and I love seeing the painting come together. I just sit in my living room and paint with it on my lap. Surprisingly, I’ve never gotten it on my sofa, which is white. I do everything freehand. I will think about the concept for a few days and then do it. There are just so many things that I want to commemorate or that I want to have in a painting. Beauty junkie (above), for example, is a mix of my favorite products and a few that I don’t have but I wish I did!”




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