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Hone Your Craft

Now You Can Make a Rope Basket, Too!

Hone Your Craft 10/03/2017


Got an itch to DIY something, but is the idea of committing to a clay class turning you into a basket case? Bekka Palmer—crafty goddess and founder of Closed Mondays, a line of tightly wound and totally cute rope vessels—is here to help you get started (and she even sells her own kits if you don’t want to collect your own components).  



  • A sewing machine
  • Thin cotton rope
  • White thread




“A DIY basket is an excellent beginner project for anyone who even slightly knows how to use a sewing machine. It introduces the coil technique that I use to make my products. You can modify the shape of the bowl by changing the angle at which you hold it. A steep angle makes a cylinder shape, whereas a low angle makes a shallow bowl. Most of the items in my shop I hold at a very steep angle, making them cylindrical."”


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Dotted Basket Tray
45 OF A KIND .



“There are a few people making rope baskets at this point, and I try to differentiate mine from the rest. I always invite people to customize with paint or by using colorful thread in your sewing machine (change the thread partway through for a colorblocked look). You can also pre-wrap the rope in embroidery thread to add a surprise of color here and there. After sewing is complete, go crazy and decorate with pom poms and tassels.”




“People often ask me the different uses for these baskets, and it’s funny—I have never had an issue filling baskets, bins, and bags in my entire life! Maybe that makes me a hoarder? For real, this basket is great to hold keys by your front door, fruit in the kitchen, jewelry in your bedroom, or toiletries in the bathroom.”

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