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Inside Job

The Portland, Maine, Apartment We'd Like to Call Home

Inside Job BY courtney conway 12/06/2017

If you’re following Chloe May Brown on Instagram—which you should definitely be doing—your feed will not only be blessed with loads of minimalist, ceramics pics, but also a few sneak peeks of her Portland, Maine, space that’ll leave you wanting more. Well, she (and her two cats) gave us the ultimate tour of her one bedroom apartment where she finds most of her inspiration, and, long story short, it's pure bliss. Keep on scrollin’ to see what we mean.  


“I am definitely a homebody. I have created a space for myself that is comfortable and inspiring, a space that I want to spend my time in.”

“As an artist who makes objects, I have become much more thoughtful when it comes to the objects that I choose to surround myself with in my home. I want to be surrounded by items that make me happy, items that I use often, and items that I just love, like this little ceramic friend made by Studio Arhoj. For a long time, I didn’t keep many pieces that I made, but now I am building up my own collection.”


Chloemaybrown bowls grid 1
Dotted Ocean Bowls
100 OF A KIND .



“I have filled the walls of my apartment with artwork, most of it done by friends and family. This oil painting by my mom hung in our laundry room when I was growing up and is a favorite of mine. I love having my own little art gallery within the walls of my apartment. The driftwood on the door I found on a Maine beach just as it is, with the rope tangled around it.”


“My apartment has been passed down between friends for over a decade. I first spent time in it in 2008, and since then, I have seen it transform over the years as friends move in and out. I have witnessed the creativity and love this space has held, and I can feel it all now that I inhabit it. It is so much of why I love living here.”


“My building is old—and certainly has its flaws—but the windows and the light that seeps in makes up for all else. I love to watch how the light changes through the seasons or even throughout the day. Each room has its time to shine. I particularly love the strong morning light in my bedroom.”


“I look at this scene every morning as I make coffee. The photographs are by friends MAV & SCB from their project A Year of Mornings.”


“My furniture collection has come together over the years. It has mainly been passed down to me or picked up at second hand stores. I came across my couch at a shop in town. The cushions were upholstered in a plaid fabric that looked like it belonged at a summer camp, but I loved the simple wooden frame. I brought it home and created some new cushions for it. The cats now spend many of their days curled up on it.”



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