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44 of the Brilliant Things We Learned on A Few Things This Year

Listen Up 01/04/2018


Welcome to the A Few Things year in review—this one was a doozy, packed with amazing, best-selling authors, so many thoughts about snacks, and some game-changing musings about moving house. What a blast, this podcast!


Consider your time in weeks, rather than days, and you’d be surprised how much you can get done.  listen >


Simple, bentwood stools are the shortcut to better parties and tall shelving.  listen >


Sometimes cheesy mantras really work.  listen >


Teamwork truly makes the dreamwork over at Oh Joy.  listen >


Cashmere sweaters were the original cold-weather surfing gear.  listen >


There’s a way to make sneakers part of your very profesh office look.  listen >


We’re living in a golden age of diverse authors (and they’re putting out incredible books).  listen >


It’s okay to have a chair that just collects dirty laundry.  listen >


Celeb author Celeste Ng’s Shaker Heights, Ohio home is worth a deep dive.  listen >


The best last-minute apps are frozen Brazilian cheesy poofs.  listen >


Sleep glute syndrome is real, and Joe Holder can help.  listen >


Go to the grocery store on vacation—you might just find the best gluten-free pasta ever.  listen >


The best party music is stuff no one knows the words too.  listen >


Making it to 100 takes a lot of cereal, which is making a comeback, BTW.  listen >


“Coming of gay-ge” novels is a genre we should all want more of.  listen >


You should really consider upping your airplane snack game—ginger cookies and dumplings are a good place to start.  listen >


Serena’s favorite sports bra is also Of a Kind-endorsed.  listen >


Candy can also be a work of art.  listen >


Game night never, ever goes outta style.  listen >


Häagen-dazs vanilla bean is an unbeatable ice cream flavor.  listen >


An old, damaged rug might still have a lot of life in it.  listen >


Chickpea pancakes should for sure be on your radar (and stovetop).  listen >


An old New Yorker story can lead to a modern-day best-selling novel.  listen >


Bharatanatyam dance is a family affair, at least for one company.  listen >


Your social activities don’t all have to revolve around restaurants.  listen >

The double-opt-in email intro should be the law of the land.  listen >


Bookstores aren’t dead! Emma Straub is proving it.  listen >


It’s never a bad time to go to Austin.  listen >


Women were making champagne way back when—and they’re still selling it now.  listen >


Graphic novels are for grown-ups, too.  listen >


Denim is a dense enough topic to warrant crowd-sourcing opinions.  listen >


You don’t have to be a billionaire to buy original art!  listen >


The best deodorant was developed in a Brooklyn kitchen.  listen >


Some things are so hard they’re not worth doing—and that’s okay.  listen >


Cutting out caffeine is do-able, truly (if only temporarily).  listen >


Don’t ski anywhere without a cute hotel.  listen >


Listening to an oral history of how Oprah got made is very worth your time.  listen >


News-y newsletters make it a little easier to digest...everything.  listen >


There is, in fact, a Taco Bell that’s prettier than all the other Taco Bells.  listen >


Someone great is making Moby Dick into a musical, and you heard it here first. listen >


You can make brussels sprouts into latkes, any time of the year.  listen >


There’s a whole publishing house dedicated just to novellas.  listen >


An app can help you actually wake up on time—no snoozin’!  listen >


It’s always better to send a not-totally-perfect note than no note at all.  listen >



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