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Thing of Beauty

Everything This Curly-Haired Queen Uses to Keep Her Locks Lookin’ Fine

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 01/09/2018


Brooklyn jeweler Sofia Ramsay is no slouch when it comes to making a personal statement—just see her collection of kickass leather chokers and bracelets for proof. And that extends beyond accessories all the way to the ends of her gorgeously tousled curls, which she somehow bleaches, buns, and blows-out without messing up their bouncy shine. We had to know how she does it, clearly.



Skimdo cream is the holy grail of hair products for me. Since I started using it, compliments on my curls have become a daily occurrence. The process takes about an hour, but once a week after a wash, I set my hair with this product. It involves raking the cream through damp hair, misting sections with water, and hand-curling the ringlets. The curls always look natural and stay in place for up to a week. There’s a video on their site that shows every step.”



A cute spray bottle from the drugstore is a my secret weapon for long-lasting curls. It's a key part of the Skimdo process, but the mister really comes in handy a few days later when those few pesky curls start to blow out. Then I take the blown-out ringlets and very lightly mist them before hand-curling, and they'll air dry back to their springy form.”


Sofiaramsey melonbracelettrio 1
Muted Melon Bracelet Trio
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“Setting curls involves working with very wet hair. To speed up the drying process, I occasionally squeeze excess water out of the curled hair with a soft T-shirt. That’s the only thing I use to wring my hair out after a wash. The knit fabric is gentle on the curl pattern, unlike a looped terry towel, which can break it up. I have a lot of sentimental shirts that I love but don't often wear, so it's a nice way to put them to use again.”





“Hair ties are also rough on texture and disruptive to hair pattern. I like to use clips that hold rather than bind hair. This gorgeous and brilliantly designed wave clip makes me feel okay on the days I put my hair up. It easily clips back my long tresses without digging or pulling at my scalp. The wave comes in three sizes—I use the large, but the small comes in a two-pack, which is  fun.”


Sofiaramsay crimsonleatherdoublechoker 6
Crimson Leather Double Choker
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Kiehl's Smoothing Oil-Infused Leave-In Concentrate is great for three-to-five days after setting your curls, when that first halo of frizz starts to emerge from your perfect ringlets. I rub four pumps into my hands and spread it over the middle and ends of my hair and then pat the little bit left over on my palms onto the top. This helps with overall conditioning, and applying the oil to the top of your head last prevents you from getting greasy roots. I also grew up buying Biosilk, and it’s my affordable alternative to the smoothing concentrate. It lasts forever and smells amazing (the nostalgia!), and you can't beat the price.”



“I have never had a better or speedier haircut than one from Siobhan Benson. I trusted her when I wanted to go blonde, and she has taken great care of me ever since. Siobhan is known for her work in editorial and runway hair, but she’s also a DJ and badass business woman. She is finally opening her own salon in Greenpoint called Cutloose.”



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