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Listen Up: Things We Can’t Put in 10 Things But Are 🤗 About Still

Listen Up BY kiara mills 01/15/2018


Less than 60 days ‘til spring, kids! In the meantime, Claire and Erica are cozying up to the simpler things in life. And by simpler things, we mean stuff you maybe, probably already know about (but that is still so great that it’s worth talking about!).

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The linkage…


  • New York magazine ranked all of Michael Jackson’s songs, and Claire is here to make her case that “Will You Be There” was robbed with that lowly #92 spot.
  • Google Drive: Of a Kind simply would not exist without it.
  • The 🤗 is now in Claire’s top five emojis because it’s more nuanced and applicable than you’d think. It’s formally known as the Hugging Face, but wouldn’t you agree those are jazz hands?
  • If you don’t know about  L.O.L. Dolls, please note that they’re the collectible second-coming of Bratz dolls, and the eight-year-olds in your life want them. Also: splat balls.
  • A general PSA: Three Men and a Baby actually holds up, unlike many of its eighties buddy-comedy brethren.

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