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Listen Up: The Cream (and Sad Egg) of the 10 Things Crop

Listen Up BY kiara mills 01/29/2018

This week, Claire and Erica ponder an age-old issue: When the heck is the right time to re-apply lipstick? It’s all because—thanks to stellar D.C.-area MUA Gina Bettelli—Claire’s way into this stuff. From there, they move onto...more recent finds they can’t stop talking about. Speaking of, now’s the time to sign up for our 10 Things newsletter, which brings the party to your inbox every Monday, if you’re not already on top of that.


P.S. If you’re looking for a life-changing shampoo, Virtue Labs makes it. Oh, it’s also 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS.



Erica’s Things


  • Gudetama is an egg yolk without teeth or toes, but he has our hearts. The Sanrio gang’s underachiever is the hatchling we all deserve. Feel free to follow him on IG.
  • Who knew New Mexico made excellent sparkling wine? Gruet Winery’s bubbly is all great (and available for under $20), but the Sauvage Rosé is especially spectacular. More on the winery here and here.

Claire’s Things


  • Another top podcast pick: the very British, very funny show The High Low.


To advertise on our podcast, email Our intro music, “Butterfield East,” is written and performed by The Soulful Saints. Our audio editing is done by Liz Smith, and we record at ShowBriz Studios. All about edible Best of 10 Things? Here’s a whole list of ‘em.



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