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Listen Up: Talkin’ Female Friendship with the Woman Who Wrote the (New!) Book on It

Listen Up BY kiara mills 02/05/2018


Welcome to this week’s very flossy episode of A Few Things—and we mean that in a literal sense as Claire’s shouting out her love of this thing and Erica’s all about Cocofloss (run by a #workwife duo, even). Plus! We’re going deep on the history of shine theory with friend of the pod Kayleen Schaefer, author of the fan-freaking-tastic book Text Me When You Get Home: The Evolution and Triumph of Female Friendship.

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Special and amazing guest, author Kayleen Schaefer, on writing a super-buzzy book about the bonds between women…


  • We’re not the only ones dog-earing Kayleen’s book—Kirkus Reviews, Elle, and so many more have been singing its praises.
  • You can hear New York Times journalist Jodi Kantor talk about gaining the trust of her sources here and read more about the process involved in breaking the Harvey Weinstein story with her co-author Megan Twohey here.
  • Judy Blume’s Summer Sisters is a perennial crowd-pleaser in the “books about friends” category (there’s also an interview with her in Kayleen’s book!), as is The Baby-Sitter’s Club series.
  • If you’re looking for a wild-card reading rec, Kayleen’s currently loving Tana French’s Into the Woods.

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