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Listen Up: Katonya Breaux Is So Bright, We Gotta Wear Sunscreen

Listen Up BY kiara mills 02/12/2018


It’s February, and you’re probably sick of all your sweaters—but you’ll feel better about them if you at least figure out a proper storage solution, we argue. Also, just because you haven’t seen the sun in weeks doesn’t mean you don’t still need SPF, and Unsun founder Katonya Breaux is here to chat all about how she made an effective one that doesn’t leave skin of any hue looking chalky. (She’s also Frank Ocean’s mom, which isn’t super-relevant except as proof that badassery runs in the family.)

P.S. We think the Dimes Cedar and Neroli Candle smells like Italy in the summertime, and it’s 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS.




Special and amazing guest Katonya Breaux on re-inventing sunscreen for all women...


  • If you’re feeling daunted, just remember Katonya’s mantra: “I just feel like I can do whatever I want to do.” Also, follow Unsun to get the deets on new releases, like a silky body serum.

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