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Listen Up: Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Culture

Listen Up BY kiara mills 02/26/2018

Image by Alec Kugler for Coveteur

Today we’re looking at the world through a green lens with Verena von Pfetten, co-creator of Gossamer, a lifestyle-slash-media brand for people who also smoke weed. In other very chill news, Claire got inspired from our episode with Sky Ting’s Krissy Jones and took a yoga class—let’s hear it for her!

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Special and amazing guest Verena von Pfetten, on launching a cannabis-related content company in 2017…


  • If you were surprised to hear about country music’s affection for weed, here’s a list of songs where it features prominently.
  • A very enlightening piece on how some names for weed should be left in the dirt.

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