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Hone Your Craft

4 Very Cool Ways to Tie on a Bandana

Hone Your Craft BY aleksa brown 03/21/2018


If there’s anyone who’s mastered the art of rocking an all-occasion scarf, it’s Sara
Harari-Buchnea. Long before she launched her excellent collection of silk bandanas in 2016, Sara loved hunting for squares to add to her arsenal—and for good reason: their sheer versatility. Scroll on for four of Sara’s tying tricks—you will knot be disappointed.



Start with the scarf laid out on a flat surface with an edge facing you. Fold in half diagonally by joining two opposite corners. You should now have a triangle. Roll the longest edge over once or twice and tie the ends loosely behind your neck with the point of the triangle facing down. For a variation that I call The Bandita, you can fold the long edge over in three-inch sections so the triangle part is much smaller and tie it closer to your neck. Says Sara, "I really like these to bring some edge to a slip dress.”



Lay the bandana out flat on a diagonal, with a point facing you. Starting at the corner closest to you, start rolling tightly away from you, like sushi. You should end up with a thin rope. Tie a knot in the middle to keep the scarf from unraveling, then place it around your neck with the knot at the back. Bring the two ends together in front of you and tie another knot at your desired length—you can leave the tail ends long or short. Sara likes to wear this "With high-waisted jeans and a white button-down half tucked in, and it looks really good if you layer it with other necklaces or chains.”



Squardaway cobaltdesertrosesilkkerchief 9
Cobalt Desert Rose Silk Kerchief
30 OF A KIND .



This one starts out similar to the necklace, but it’s rolled really loosely. Start with your scarf flat, rolling inward from the corner—but you can do it quickly without worrying that the scarf stays super tight. Once you have a loose tube, use your fingers to lightly press down on the edges to flatten it a bit. This style works great in your hair—tie it around the base of a ponytail with the ends loose, or wrap it around a bun. "This is kind of a vintage look, so I like it with a flowy blouse tucked into high-waisted, light-wash denim,” explains Sara. 




Lay your scarf out diagonally, and then fold the bottom corner in toward the center, about halfway to the opposite edge. Repeat with the top corner, stopping so the corner point doesn’t cross over the bottom fold. You should have a wide strip with pointed corners on the side. Starting at the folded top edge, fold in about 1 inch sections until you end up with a flat strip. Smooth it out with your fingers and tie snugly against your neck—you can either tie it in the back and leave the ends loose or wrap the ends back around to the front of your neck into a small knot. To style, Sara advises: "I wear this with a graphic tee, wide-leg jeans, and my cropped leather jacket.”




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