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Key to the City

4 Ways New Mexico Fuels Anna Sheffield’s Creativity

Key to the City 04/18/2018


Before she made her mark on the NYC jewelry scene, Anna Sheffield spent her formative years kicking up dust among New Mexico’s hills. And even though she’s been running her super successful line since 2002, her native state has proven a bottomless well of inspo. Here’s why she keeps coming back to the desert—both personally and in her designs.



“Sky is such an omnipresent part of the landscape in New Mexico. It’s so huge, and the stars and moon such a beautifully rendered addition to the environs. Also, our new collection has all of these Calder-inspired forms and sort of architectural elements, geometric and sleek, styled with more natural forms. It’s kind of like the juxtaposition of buildings in New Mexico and the landscape around them.”


Bingbang calderthreaders 1
Mini Calder Threaders
45 OF A KIND .
$ 107



Ghost Ranch is a magical place in New Mexico. It was Georgia O’Keefe’s ranch. That she had this sanctuary among the red-rock buttes and canyons she so often painted is inspiring. It is so evident she wanted to be immersed in the landscape in order to capture it, and it’s a reminder that connecting with the land will help your art.”



“So much of the local architecture in New Mexico is intriguing in the way it integrates so seamlessly into the landscape. The adobe buildings look like the land because they are made of the earth, and they have smooth edges—and no sharp forms—which is something that I’ve been trying more in the new collections.”



“I’m a fan of the Southwestern desert for its special brand of colorful, crazy rock formations and the wildness of its uniquely adapted flora. That definitely influences my material choices when it comes to gemstones as I always use more muted tones and interesting minerals like rutilated quartz and a moonstone. There is definitely a spare, considered simplicity in the designs that I think is born of that place. There are stark contrasts throughout, and the vastness of it really underlines the majesty of the place and the elements.”

06 09 17 oak juliarobbs 204
Smoky Quartz Half Moon Lariat
50 OF A KIND .
$ 150 $ 105



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