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7 Essentials a Textile Artist Always Has in Her Workspace

Stuff We Love BY leah bhabha 05/03/2018


Carla Venticinque-Osborn—the designer behind the breezy apparel line Po-em—is moving studios soon, and, given just how organized she is, we think we know exactly what she’ll unpack first. Because she’s a company of one, she has to work extra hard to balance her time between the creative work and the more logistical tasks, and this handful of tools help her stay on task.



“I’ve been trying to get other people to get whiteboards because I really love having them. It helps me organize my goals in a really effective way because it’s all up there to see. Mine has magnets, pin boards, and tacks.”



“I have a whole drawer full of fine-art markers and gel colors, but on top of my desk, I only have this one black Muji pen in different widths like 0.7 or 0.38. Whenever he’s here, my brother always takes one!”


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“I tend to tape plain paper onto my desk because I can never seem to find a notebook. I usually have two pieces of paper on my desk, and then I can jot something down really fast and switch them out when I need to. That way I can never lose my list!”


“I have a great soy candle from Rica Body in woods and whiskey scent. I tend to lean towards earthy scents like vetiver, bergamot and eucalyptus. I also have sage bunches to burn and help clear energy in my studio and home.”


“I’m always using a calculator. I had a really ugly one, and then I got this wooden calculator that’s really nice-looking. Upgrading the little things makes everything feel special.”



“I tend to drink my healthy ingredients. Every day I have a green juice, which is just half spinach and half orange juice in the blender, because I’d never sit down and eat a whole bowl of spinach.”



“I constantly have media playing while I’m working. It’s often Netflix, and I get really into certain shows. I like to have stand-up comedy or Cosmos on. I watch that when I am feeling anxious because it helps with perspective. I watch Comedians in Cars getting coffee as well, because I love the craft of comedy. But also there is a lot of quiet, cause sometimes I really need that also. If I’m designing, I’ll listen to a Spotify playlist. My husband, six year old son, and I have a family playlist that we each add to—it can range from Kanye West to The Cars.”

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