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Inside Job

The Hands-On Projects That Completely Changed This Designer's Home

Inside Job BY courtney conway 05/09/2018


It’s hardly surprising that Savannah Watson is extremely adept at dope home D.I.Y.s—after all, she sketches, solders, and styles the handmade chokers and studs that make up her line Merewif. But the inside her North Carolina house is seriously tricked-out with low-cost, creative fixes, and she gladly gave us a tour of some of her best work.


Medium smaller merewif ofakind diy before

Medium smaller merewif ofakind diy 14

“Our house was built in the late eighties, and it has a vaulted living room, ranch-style. It was very outdated when we bought it, but we just didn’t really have any money to renovate it—so it’s been a slow but steady D.I.Y. process. In the living room, we just recently painted the fireplace white. Before, it was a very bad shade of mixed browns—when we moved in, everything in the house was just brown. There’s a bar area that had some cabinets that were this medium oak color, so I painted those as well. They also had little glass shelves that I switched out with some reclaimed wood that had been sitting in our garage and cut it to fit.”


“The side tables in the dining room I made from a wire laundry baskets. I just took the liners out and flipped them upside-down. Then I got these $5 wooden circles that have these leveled edges and hammered about six staples around into the wood to secure—that’s it. That’s one of my favorite D.I.Y.s because it was so easy!”

Merewif ofakind diy 10

“We have a whole record-table setup, and I made those two little speaker stands that are next to the record storage unit. They’re just a concrete top with wood legs. It’s a really popular project because you just get a five-gallon bucket, pour concrete into it, and then stick whatever you want to use as the table legs into the concrete when it’s drying. It’s super easy.”

D.I.Y. your own table.
Merewif ofakind diy 9



Merewif holmesnecklace 1
Holmes Silver Necklace
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Medium smaller merewif ofakind diy before 2

Medium smaller merewif ofakind diy 1

“As I said, everything in the house was brown, even the kitchen. So as soon as we moved in, I painted all of the cabinets white. But just recently, I decided to paint the backsplash black because I was to the point where I was willing to totally replace it if painting didn’t work out. I used this Rust-Oleum black high-gloss enamel paint. I did one coat and some touch-ups, and it seriously looks so much better. I’ve gotten a lot of comments about that one.”



“I have a friend who is a woodworker who came across some of these old reclaimed pieces of wood, so I made these two long shelves from that with brackets from Ikea that I just spray-painted gold. I used the Rust-Oleum paint again—it’s apparently the best gold spray paint according to Pinterest, and I believe it—it’s really good.”


“Above our bed, I hung a piece of indigo fabric that I mounted to the wall with a wood trim so it’s kind of like a headboard but a piece of art as well. That one was another super simple one.”

Dye your own indigo fabric.
Merewif ofakind diy 23



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