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Key to the City

How to Make the Most of a Twin Cities Summer

Key to the City BY courtney conway 06/01/2018


Minnesota is famous for its state fair, but Minneapolis has a whole lot more to offer than fried Oreos when the weather gets warm (but, c’mon—get those, too). Just ask clothing designer Kathryn Sterner Sieve, who knows which dive bars to visit, where to head outta town to hike, and the best spots to shop for rare vintage. Book a ticket and bookmark her guide, stat.



“This is in the Northeast neighborhood, which is where our Winsome Goods shop is. It’s a bar that feels very small-town Minnesota, but it’s right here in the city—they have pull-tab cans and crappy beer on tap and a huge array of people to watch. It’s also not just a bunch of young, trendy people either. It’s people of all ages.”


“This place is kind of similar to Jimmy’s, but it’s newer and just opened up in South Minneapolis. Same idea: Beers on tap, and they have a really good burger and a great mushroom melt sandwich. It’s run by a chef named Doug Flicker who was known for high-end restaurants before this place.”


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“This is in St. Paul, and it has that feeling that it’s been around for decades. It just has some really good, well-made Italian food. They don’t take reservations—it’s first come, first serve—but it is really tasty and is definitely my favorite option for food right now.”


Do Things


“We’re not on an ocean, but there are a lot of rivers just outside Minneapolis actually, maybe 45 minutes away. You have to hike about 30 minutes to get to this spot, but once you get there, you get to swim in these amazing falls, and there are always all these families with kids and dogs. It’s a really great day trip.”


“I almost don’t want to share it because I love this place so much, but I have the best luck here—I always find the best stuff. Minneapolis has really good vintage and thrift shopping, and this is a great spot to get summer-y outfits.”

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