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All the Ways This Jeweler Grows Her Flower Obsession

Stuff We Love BY liz 06/20/2018


Erin Claus always enjoyed putting together her own floral arrangements, but ever since she started etching delicate botanical sketches onto her classic signet rings for her line Claus Jewelry, plant life has totally taken over every part of her existence. And you know what? She’s totally cool with that. Here’s where she finds petals to turn into metals.


“I always think it must seem really easy to other people to pick a flower to put on my rings, but I can spend so many hours getting the right one. I like to follow florists on Instagram to learn about new varieties—I will see something totally new to me or will see it in a different light that will make me realize it would make a great ring. And other creatives who work with flowers every day have a really good sense of composition. There’s this upstate New York florist I like a lot Hop’s Petunia, and I also follow Asrai Gardens. I use them as an educational tool.”



“I really want to do a rose, and you would think it would be the easiest and most obvious choice. But there are so many different kinds, and I don’t want a really traditional one. I want more of a wild garden feel, so I have all these browser tabs of roses open. And lily of the valley has all these little bell-shaped flowers, so I’ve had that on my list for a while. I recently got Redoute: The Book of Flowers from Taschen. It has all these really beautiful botanical illustrations in that have a little bit more of a vintage vibe. It’s more of a dreamy, romantic feel than what you’d get on the internet.”


Clausjewelry daffodillsignetring 1
Daffodil Signet Ring
45 OF A KIND .



“I’ve always loved receiving flowers, and when I lived in Greenpoint in Brooklyn, there were a couple of flower shops I loved going in. Homecoming is this great coffee/flower shop. I would get things there, go home, and pretend to be an amateur florist. And I really love Sprout Home on Grand Street. They have this whole area in the back with tons of flowers. It’s really great because you can go in and tell them you just want to spend $30 on an arrangement, and they’ll still make the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.”



“I am really obsessed with little ceramic bud vases. I really like Judy Jackson; she makes these very rounded ones. I first saw them in a little craft shop outside St. Louis, and now every time I see one, I have to snap it up. I also got this great little watering can at Sprout that I use every day.”



“I notice flowers much more on my walks now. After deciding on the daffodil for Of a Kind, I’ve been seeing them everywhere—my fiancée has been sending me photos of daffodils on his way home from work. They’ve been taking over my life! Recently, a store near us was going out of business, and I found these gorgeous old botanical prints of them that are hanging up in my studio now.”



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