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Thing of Beauty

How to Harness Your Own Hair Ritual

Thing of Beauty BY kiara mills 06/28/2018


Stefani Padilla made her name as a stylist in L.A., tending to the strands of supermodels on photoshoot sets. But instead of relying on the usual styling suspects, she never left home without her D.I.Y. products, like a moisturizing oil blend and a sea salt spray, which she preferred for their stripped-down, customizable ingredient lists. That homemade ethos is also key to Stefani’s line, La Tierra Sagrada, and her belief that we should all have daily hair rituals (she calls them “hairemonies”), which are really just about slowing down a little bit and paying as much attention to your mane as you to do your skin. It’s also a moment to catch a little zen, says Stefani, who’s sharing a few pointers below on getting started.



“Pick a space that’s grounding for you—maybe you already have a place you meditate, or you can sit on your bed or in your bathroom. You can really do this anywhere, but try make it a nice space you want to be in.”




“I like to burn a space-clearing herb before I start. Choose whatever smudging thing calls to you most—people commonly use sage or palo santo or cedar. It will just help you clear your mind and get you into the moment.”



“Take time to massage an oil of your choice into your scalp, like argan or coconut. Take at least a couple minutes to really give yourself that self-love and make yourself feel good. The more you massage your scalp, the more you’re stimulating the follicle to get the blood flowing, and that’s what makes your hair grow. Then you pull the oil through the ends and, if it’s long, pin it up and leave it in for a couple hours or tie a scarf over it. You can go to yoga like that, or you can sleep in it.” 


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“To me, this process is really sacred. Rituals are anything that we imbue with meaning. You can manifest anything you want; as long as you have an intention, it doesn’t even have to be about hair. It could be ‘I just need five minutes to chill,’ and this gets you in that mindset.”



“I do this once a week. If you can’t do it once a week, pick the new moon or the full moon. It’s almost like the old farmer wisdom about how if you plant seeds during the new moon, they will grow faster. Especially if you want to focus on regrowth and making hair longer, try it during the new moon. If you want your hair to be thicker, do it during the full moon. It sounds woo woo, but try it!”


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