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Thing of Beauty

How One Designer Learned to Take Care of Herself

Thing of Beauty BY katie nave freeman 07/17/2018


A self-professed workaholic, Kristen Elspeth has spent years hustling to grow her line of delicate, intricate jewelry—and not so much time taking care of herself. But when her health took a nosedive recently, the L.A.-based bosslady decided to put some time into (you guessed it) self care (and getting a new miniature dachshund puppy named Rei didn’t hurt, either). Here’s what made the biggest impact for her—and though nothing works for everybody, seeing someone else’s routine in action never hurts.



“I ditched coffee and black tea and switched to green tea and matcha lattes. Most mornings I make a simple matcha latte with almond milk and a dash of cinnamon. On days when I feel like I want an extra boost, I’ll make a warm smoothie with matcha, hot water, cinnamon, MCT oil, almond milk, berries, and Moon Juice’s Mushroom Protein Powder and Brain Dust.”



“After researching and trying things out, I’ve found my magic supplement formula. I take a colonizing probiotic, a multivitamin, magnesium, raw B-Complex, an amino acid combination, and an adrenal support supplement. It may sound like a lot, but really it only amounts to a small handful of vitamins every day.”

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I used to like really intense cardio, but now my exercise tends to be more calming. I like to do restorative and mellow flow yoga classes, like Kundalini yoga at Nine Treasures in L.A. The sense of community there really adds to my feeling of well-being.”



“When I meditate at home, it's really hard to quiet my mind, so I’ve found that doing breathing for a period of time, rather than focusing on a mantra or doing a guided meditation, is more helpful to me. I put on my headphones and listen to an ocean track and breath to the rhythm of the waves for about ten minutes.”



“I love massages of all kinds. The Thai and hot-stone massages at The Now are my favorites. Foam roller self-massages are also so good!”



“A super important act of self-care for me is making time to catch up with friends. Feeling that you’re connected in the flesh is essential to a healthy state of mind. Taking time to attend events not only makes me feel good because I’m socializing, but also because I’m participating in and adding support to my community.”

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