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Hone Your Craft

A Self-Taught Florist on How to Grow Your Flower Obsession

Hone Your Craft 09/10/2018


If the sight of an overflowingly gorgeous flower arrangement fills you with both a sense of zen and despair at ever being able to create something similar of your own, you’re not alone. That’s exactly where Sierra Steifman was a decade ago when she and her Poppies & Posies co-founder decided to branch out from event design into florals. “I wanted to do something more creative, and my business partner at the time wanted flowers to be a part of our services. I didn’t know anything, but I gave it a try and just fell in love with it pretty quickly,” she says. It’s safe to say things worked out—now Sierra’s known for her wild bouquets, and she also founded a line of gardening accessories and seed kits for beginners, called Floral Society. And! Below, she’s doling out some solid advice for anyone looking to get started.



“I’m totally self-taught. I didn’t have any real formal training, but my business partner when we started had taken courses at the botanical gardens and taught me the basics. Once I knew the groundwork of which flower was which, I felt free to create my own style and come up with a personal direction. Sure, I was intimidated by everything I didn’t know, but it was just all about practice and finding what looked best to me.”




“When I started, I was terrible—you can probably still find some images on Google from back in the day. At first, choosing flowers might feel foreign or awkward, but keep with it and practice new things. I encourage people to try it even if it feels a little scary. There’s no right or wrong!”



“That said, the general rules are to make sure that you have a greenery, a focal flower (which is typically your bigger bloom), and then a smaller, secondary flower or a branch of berries or something for texture. Professionals use floral netting that you secure with waterproof tape, but I think our flower frog vases are a super fun alternative if you’re not a professional and don’t have those tools because the shape will be done for you. If you are feeling nervous, get something like that and start small, and then build up your confidence.”




You don’t have to have a garden to grow your own flowers or herbs—you just need some access to light. For our seed kits, I tried to choose varieties that don’t have to be started as seedlings. You can just plant them right into a pot or window box, and they should grow. One of the girls who works with me planted all of them in pots on her fire escape, and they’ve done really well. Herbs like rosemary also grow indoors really well all year round.”



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