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Key to the City

A Scandinavia Native on How to Do Copenhagen Right

Key to the City BY katie nave freeman 09/25/2018


Growing up in Sweden, the jewelry designer Annika Inez spent a lot of time over in very happening Copenhagen, just about 45 minutes away, and these days, whenever she goes back to visit her hometown of Malmø, she always makes sure to allot a few days to do some stellar shopping, sip beers on a boat, and otherwise explore the Danish capital’s charms. Below, her favorite spots, insider-y and touristy, both. Skål!


Do Things



“There are so many canals, and so much of the city is really centered on and around them. So I’d suggest renting one of the small boats that has a little table in the middle from Go Boat and buying a bottle of wine or beer and some snacks and then making your way around the canals. It might seem kind of corny, but it’s a really good way to see the city. Either way, I always try to grab a beer and sit by a canal just because it’s something you can’t really do in the U.S. Also, if weather permits, I love to take a dip in the canal—they were designed so that the ocean flows through them, so they’re actually very clean.”



“Copenhagen is great for vintage shopping because the curation of Danish and Scandinavian style is really cool, and a lot of the vintage stores in Copenhagen have, like, old vintage. This place, Carmen Copenhagen, is perfect for getting your hands on some really amazing finds.”



“I just found this the last time I was there. It’s a shop where you bring your shoes, and this guy will customize them for you with paint and embroidery. He also sells other hand-painted and embroidered shoes and sneakers that are either one-of-a-kind of vintage.”



“This is an amusement park that’s been open since 1843, and the grounds are so, so beautiful. So whether you go in to go on the rides or just to see the grounds, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Even if you don’t have kids, I would definitely recommend going just to stroll around for a few hours. There are a lot of tourists, but there are also a lot of other Danish people that like to go and visit in the summer. It’s not a hidden treasure, but it’s definitely one to point out.”


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“This is modern Danish cuisine that goes back to the water and the ocean, so it’s very focused on seafood. It’s also a very clean, Scandinavian, pared-down style, which I think is just really delicious.



“This is inside an old military building inside the freetown called Christiania, and it’s a really special place in many ways. It’s run by a collective of locals that live inside the freetown, and the menu changes daily because it all depends on what the collective is able to produce.”


“This spot is great for if you’re out really late at night and everything is closed. It’s a Nyhavn dive bar with seamen history and stories spilling from every nook. It’s really truly a dive bar with a lot of locals that have been going there for many years, and to me, that’s kind of old-world Copenhagen, which is really great.”



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