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Get Outta Town

Tag Along on a Three City Tour of Peru

Get Outta Town BY katie nave freeman 09/27/2018


Silverlake-based designer Maria Stanley spends her work days close to home, sketching new outerwear ideas in her spare-room studio. But she recently took a far-flung research trip that did double duty. “A friend of mine suggested that I attend the Perú Moda trade show in Peru to find artisans there to collaborate with, so I went for it! My boyfriend ended up coming with me, and, once the work was over, we turned it into a mini-vacay,” she says. Follow along—and maybe start planning a getaway of your own?—below.


“We flew into Lima and spent a lot of time in the Barranco District, which is the artsy part of town. It’s full of delicious restaurants. From there, it was a short flight to Cusco and a one-hour drive into Písac, a charming little mountain town that was the highlight of the trip. Everyone wakes up and goes to sleep with the sun, so there’s a nice unplugged rhythm.”


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“I ate like a queen in Peru! I’m a vegetarian, so usually trying food while traveling overseas is a little challenging, but Peru is extremely veggie-friendly. All I wanted to do was get as much of the fresh produce as possible because it was always prepared so creatively. Their corn is otherworldly good. Oh, and the beer is also surprisingly great. I normally don’t even like beer, and I found myself drinking it there! In Lima, I loved the restaurants Colonia and Co. (the most delicious eggs) and La Verde (save room for dessert). In Cusco, the restaurant Green Point was my favorite, and I recommend ordering one of everything on the menu. In Písac, I loved Apu Organic for delicious vegan dishes.”


 In order to fully take in the cities, you have to walk until your feet feel like they’re going to fall off! It’s the only way. I loved stumbling upon restaurants and activities and striking up conversations because the people are so friendly, so get out there and try to live like a local. And you’ve gotta go to the markets for treasures. They have the most beautiful handwoven textiles I’ve ever seen, along with gorgeous silver jewelry and felt hats. I didn’t end up buying anything for myself because I am trying to be less of a ‘stuff’ person, but I’m regretting that now!”


“I fell in love with the way the women dress in Peru, especially in the Písac markets. They wore full skirts with layered colorful sweaters and a felt hat with their hair tied in braids. It was mesmerizing.”



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