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Get Outta Town

6 Foolproof Tips For Surviving—Thriving!—on Any Road Trip

Get Outta Town BY courtney conway 10/03/2018


Minneapolis designer Kathryn Sieve is a bit of a pro when it comes to road-tripping—she’s frequently behind the wheel to see friends, promote her line Winsome Goods, and clear her head. Fresh off a cross-country haul, she’s rounding up the best snacks, podcasts, and sanity-protecting tips to make your experience more Crossroads, less Thelma and Louise.



“This seems so boring and mundane, but because I’m working on the road a lot, an outlet adapter for the car is my number one most used and most important tool. With an adapter and an internet hotspot, my office can be flying across the country at 70 mph, at the top of a mountain, or in the desert. I love that because I don’t need to rely on finding random coffee shops.”



“Okay, so let’s get serious: snacks. A good or bad snack can make or break an experience. Some of my favorites are dried fruit, nuts, crackers with pre-cut cheese, and chocolate. I found it’s a huge pain to bring snacks that are overly salty or require me to wash my hands to feel clean again. Also, anything that is too crumbly is going to wind up all over the seat. Packaging is important, and it’s easiest to buy or prepare things in resealable containers that are easy to open or access.”


Winsomegoods lucindareversiblecoat 1
Lucinda Reversible Coat
30 OF A KIND .



“Podcasts are always a nice way to break up a drive or to concentrate on when I’m getting anxious. If I know I’ve got an hour left in my trip, I’ll choose a podcast that’s an hour long so that I know I just need to get through the rest of that podcast before reaching my destination. I love Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin, Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything, Death, Sex & Money with Anna Sale, Freakonomics, and, of course, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for This American Life.”



“One really great jumpsuit is mandatory. There is a point on any road trip where I don’t want to fish out a bunch of different pieces from my luggage but still want to look nice. I keep a solid, simple jumpsuit in one of the outer pockets of my luggage, so when I reach that point where ‘I just can’t,’ I have it handy.”



“I love vintage shopping. If I have any flexibility to stop and explore an area, I’ll research local thrift stores. It’s amazing to discover hidden gems, see styles change depending on location, and bring things home that truly can’t be found elsewhere. My suggestion for finding good vintage is to map search using three words: vintage, thrift, and antique. Different stores appear depending on which of these words are used. Insider recently published an article called “The Best Thrift Store in Every State.” I’ve been to several of the spots on this list and haven’t been disappointed yet. Lastly, every time I hear about a good second-hand store, I’ll save it in my maps. That way, when I’m driving through a city, I can easily see if there is anything in that town that I’ve wanted to check out.”



“I might be a rarity, but it takes a lot of car time for me to start losing my sanity. I feel like I so rarely have moments to sit, think, and listen to music, and being on a road trip allows me that time. I do have my limits, though. In order to combat the monotony of car travel, I'll chose the longer, more scenic route over the faster boring route absolutely always. Similarly, I try to not power through as much as possible. I like road trips because they take some time, and they force me to go places and see things I wouldn’t otherwise. I try to build in time in order to have those experiences. And when I am starting to go crazy or really need to get from point A to point B, ‘nothing is forever’ becomes my mantra.”



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