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How to Throw a Dynamite Dance Dinner Party

Eat This 10/16/2018


Pulling off a great party can be hard work. You’ve gotta choose the vibe, figure out a playlist with great flow, and invite the right people to keep the energy up. For most of us, that’s enough to make it a once-a-year kind of thing (if that). But Sade Mims thrives on that kind of challenge—when she’s not making modern jewelry for her line Edas, she moonlights as a thrower of dinner and dance parties, some of which are so good she actually sells tickets. Let her take you under her wing and show you the way.



“Every event I throw is usually based around some theme, whether that’s a certain holiday or music genre like soul or R&B. Whatever the theme is, just find it, and it will allow you to hone in and tell a story when you’re inviting your guests.”


“If you want to save money and cut costs, I would highly recommend using Splash. I prefer it over Eventbrite because it’s a little bit easier on the eyes. It just helps you keep track of how many people are interested so you can plan.”


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“When it comes to the invite and decorating, remember to stay on theme. You don’t have to overcomplicate things, but do go all-in. Then, you can start to decide what it is you’ll want to do to fill up the time—so, like, if you want to play any games or what kind of music you’ll want to play. A lot of people don’t plan things like this, but it really goes a long way to making things memorable.”



“I think it’s really important to invite someone who you know just goes for it because then they initiate the dancing and break the ice. Serving drinks in the beginning to loosen people up will allow them to be more comfortable on the dance floor.”

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