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How a Small-Biz Owner Goes Hard on Local Causes

Stuff We Love 11/08/2018


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the news of the day, looking to make an impact, and getting stuck whenever you try to make progress, we’ve got a lady we’d like you to meet. Carly Burson, the Texas-based founder of the ethically focused clothing company, Tribe Alive, has all kinds of ideas for how to dive right in. Her aim: to help those close to home and (bonus!) get to know her neighbors better as she does.



“Honing in on the issues that matter to you will really help get you started. If you’re like me and you’re passionate about ALL the things, this may not be an easy step. I felt paralyzed by the amount of issues that were under attack after recent events, but when I focused on the ones that mattered most to me, my impact felt real and tangible. Because I live in Texas and I’m a mother to a refugee, I felt drawn to organizations centered around refugee relief and immigration reform. Once I realized these were my central issues, it made it easier for me to focus my time and money toward specific organizations.”



“I have a love-hate relationship with social media and don’t often spend time scrolling through newsfeeds, but at this particular time in history, I’ve come to value it as a powerful and necessary tool to staying involved and informed. I spend 30 minutes each day checking in on the causes and organizations I care about—this helps me stay in the know. It’s also a powerful sharing tool for activists, so now is the time to start using it for good. This can be as simple as sharing meaningful posts, encouraging your friends and family to sign petitions, sharing fact-based articles, or even starting your own account or blog dedicated to your chosen cause.”


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“I set aside five hours a week to volunteer for local causes and campaigns that I believe in, but if you’re too busy, don’t forget that monetary support goes a really long way. Set up a monthly donation. Also, at Tribe Alive we hold monthly events that support local nonprofits and volunteer as a team whenever we can. Girls Inc. is one of our favorite organizations to support.”



“Whether your cause is the environment, animals, or human rights, actively choosing not to buy products from companies with unethical practices is a powerful way to voice your opinion—plus, if you can buy local, even better! I research almost all of the companies I purchase from and work hard not to support brands with non-transparent supply chains. I also read The Good Trade to stay up to date on ethical consumerism and budding companies that I might be interested in supporting. Ethical Consumer is another user-friendly and helpful resource for those looking to stop consuming unethically made products.”

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