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Inside Job

Inside the Unfussy, Essentials-Only Home of One Super Creative Couple

Inside Job 11/29/2018


Lindsey Mortensen, who designs brilliantly simple bags under the name Larsen & Lund, is an expert when it comes to maximizing small spaces. Along with her husband, musician and podcast host Hrishikesh Hirway, Lindsey has managed to make their 900-square-foot Eagle Rock home feel like an airy and spacious SoCal paradise. This minimalist duo agreed early on to only bring things into their space that they truly love, and they are very thoughtful when it comes to deciding what makes the cut. “Luckily, Hrishikesh and I have a pretty similar aesthetics when it comes to interiors. When there’s a change or upgrade, we have loads of Pinterest and Houzz boards that we share,” says Lindsey. Here’s how and why they made the calls they did.


“Having white walls and as much natural light as possible makes our home feel bigger. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are essentially one space, and we have two small bedrooms and one bath. We have a little backyard that we use for outdoor entertaining, and Hrishikesh has his studio in the back as well.”


“Because the space is limited, we try to make sure that everything has its own specific place. That means not keeping those miscellaneous junk drawers or cabinets. It’s definitely a hard thing for me to stick with, especially when I’m busy! But keeping our home organized makes it feel more spacious.”


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“One of my favorite things in our house is our kitchen table. A close friend made the tabletop for us as a wedding gift. When we moved into this place, we commissioned a local metalworker to create the steel legs.”


“The living room is the place where we spend the most time. It’s where we relax, work, and sometimes eat dinner. The light in the evening is really lovely. The media console was my grandmother’s from the sixties. It originally had a record player inside, but it didn’t work, so we removed it and now use it to store cables for the TV that sits on top.”


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