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How to Keep Your Chill During the Holiday Season

Stuff We Love 11/30/2018


The holidays are a crazy-making time for all of us, and that goes double for L.A. jeweler Cynthia Horrigan, who spends the final few months of the year juggling gift orders, custom requests, and new spring designs for her line, Ochre Objects. Because of all that, she’s become a master at keeping her stress levels low, even when the pressure’s high. Here are a few of her most reliable tips for taking things down a notch—which happen to work all year ‘round, too.



“I’m very into essential oils. I started getting into them when I moved to L.A. I have a diffuser near my bed, and even if I’m just working on my website, I’ll move it into my space. I’m a big fan of lavender, which is very calming. Eucalyptus is really great for your lungs, which I appreciate because when I’m working at the bench, there are all these small particles in the air. Peppermint is good for energizing—I put that in that when I’m working and I want to feel awake, but still calm and without a caffeine buzz.”


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“I drink calm tea that I got in at this hippie-dippy store in Seattle called Sugarpill. It’s actually an amazing store full of all these herbal remedies, and the lady who works there will listen to your issues or symptoms and recommend what’s best. So that’s another alternative to coffee I’ve been employing to stay calm. I also have a friend who lives in New York, and she studied herbal medicine for a little bit and made me a stress-relieving tincture to put in my water. She picked the herbs and everything!”



“Another jeweler friend of mine in L.A. sat me down and was like, ‘We need a stress outlet,’ so we signed up for a pottery class together. That has totally opened up a whole other world for me; it’s a huge source of anti-anxiety. People think that because I’m a jeweler, that’s similarly relaxing, but what I end up doing the least is making the actual jewelry at my bench. The majority of my time is spent promoting, designing, delegating things to other people. And it has the pressure of needing to make money. With ceramics, it’s just all about the creativity, and I’ve actually found that it’s influenced my work in return. I go to The Pottery Studio in Cypress Park. You can come and go 24/7, so I’ll just pop in when I have a free hour or two. The fact that now I have all these pieces I made at home calms me down. When I’m eating out of something I made, it’s a reminder to slow down and focus on my food.”



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“One big thing that’s important for me is going to the farmers’ market. Honestly, that’s how I knew L.A. was the right place for me— the produce is un-freaking-real, it’s so good. My Sunday ritual is to go to the Hollywood Farmers Market and to spend the afternoon making up big, colorful salads and vegetable dishes to eat throughout the week.”



“I definitely like to indulge in a glass of natural wine. Before jewelry, I made and sold wine. There are some really amazing wine stores in L.A. that are popping up—one opened recently in Echo Park called Psychic Wines, and I’m a big fan of all the shops run by Silverlake Wine. I have a close friend in Brooklyn who runs a shop called Irving Bottle that has a wonderful selection. I tried a wonderful wine when I was there last time—it has a bat on the bottle and is called Fledermaus. I also like a producer called Donkey and Goat. They specialize in small-batch and weird, funky stuff. My current absolute favorite is Costadila. It’s a natural Italian sparkling wine called a pétillant natural, or pét-nat for short. This means it’s fermented in the bottle rather than in barrels, giving it a more unpredictable taste.”


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