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Get Outta Town

How to Get Comfortable Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone

Get Outta Town 12/04/2018


Scosha Woolridge first sold jewelry at a night market in Jericoacoara, Brazil, on the same post-college backpacking trip would ultimately land her in Brooklyn.“When I first started traveling, there were no smartphones,” says the Aussie. “When you were waiting in line somewhere, you weren’t on your phone. My mind had so much more space to get inspired.” Her around-the-world journey in the age of the overpriced internet cafe has informed not only her art and aesthetic but also the way she still travels. Basically, Scosha is the one you want in your corner when it comes to planning off-the-beaten-path trips and finding authenticity. The key? Learn to let go. Here’s how.



“The last trip I took with my family was to Costa Rica. I wanted a hotel on the beach that had access to surf boards. I found a great place called the Harmony Hotel that was relaxing but not too polished. It allowed us to unwind while fully experiencing the surrounding area. Finding something with a few specific things you want is always going to be better than finding somewhere that has everything.”


“Once I found the perfect hotel in Costa Rica, I used that as a jumping-off point. It turned out to be in a little beach village called Nosara, so I researched that area and discovered things to do there, including gorgeous beaches and great surfing. Sometimes, I’ll read about a town or region and look for the local newspapers online. Maybe a great hotel will pop up from there, and then I’ll google the hotel and other information will come up around that.”


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“When we went to Costa Rica, I booked four nights at that first hotel and left the rest of the trip open to just see what would happen. We ended up taking a four-hour drive through Costa Rica to a town called Santa Teresa and spending the rest of our trip there. Sometimes all you want to do is lay on the beach and relax, and sometimes you want to go on an adventure. Leaving a few unplanned days allows for flexibility as well as discovery.”



“When I was backpacking, sometimes I was really lost and didn’t know where I was going and would just jump on a bus or train to see what might happen. My only plan when I left home was to buy a one-way ticket to India. The rest was completely spontaneous. I didn’t ever really worry about where I was going to sleep. I once got on a boat from Sardinia to Greece, and, to this day, I have no idea what part of Greece I ended up in. I just remember it was so beautiful.”



“I have a four-year-old and a seven-year-old, and I still keep my trips as spontaneous as possible. It’s tempting to bring tons of toys and entertainment for them, but kids are so imaginative. You don’t have to go somewhere with a playground or water slides. Kids make their own fun and enjoy things like hiking and swimming. The main thing to consider when you’re choosing where to go with kids isn’t entertainment but safety —just research basic things like disease and crime before you go.”



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